What are the reasons for feeling tired all the time? What solutions?

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What are the reasons for feeling tired all the time? What solutions?

What are the reasons for feeling tired all the time? What solutions?

Everybody feels tired at some point in time regardless of his age, sex, physical or mental framework. It is the natural thing - happening for various causes like excessive workload, overnight journey, round the clock study during examination time or something like that.
But if you are getting tired all the time, without finding the reason, it is a very serious health issue, which needs to be attended on a priority basis. Many of the fatal accidents on the roads are happening due to tired drivers due to continuous driving for even more than 24 hours. Drowsy drivers are the main cause of fatal crashes.Following are various causes of your feeling tired all the time -

1. Lack of sleep - According to the American Academy of sleep medicine and the sleep research society person aged between 18-60 years requires a minimum of 7 hours or more of sleep every day. Not getting this much sleep at night results in fatigue, low performance and increasing the risk of accidents. As the person grows in age the problem of sleep develops in the majority of people. But if you are young and still have a problem with inadequate sleep, it is a danger sign. You must ponder over it consciously as to what kills your sleep or does not allow you to sleep. Too much thinking of the future is many times a cause and needs to be avoided.

2. Poor diet - Eating a healthy diet and balanced food can make a great difference to your total health conditions. Take every day five food groups - fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, and proteins. You have multiple choice of it. You can vary your diet every day while keeping yourself healthy and getting rid of all time tiredness. Never neglect the diet as it is the main source of your energy for life.
3. Give up a sedentary lifestyle - Your lifestyle has a great impact on your health. Give up a sedentary lifestyle and enjoy the optimum health with constant moves, daily exercise of 20-30 minutes of your like. Moving with friends, chatting with colleagues, watching some movies or drama with family members or friends can keep you relaxed. In the company of lovable, you would never feel tired.

4. Live stress-free life - Stress is the mother of many diseases. Feeling tired all the time is also one of the results of excessive stress. Learn stress management. Relive stress with your hobby, yoga or meditation. You would feel comfortable in a few days after making lifestyle changes. Relieve stress and enjoy life. Never compare with others and get unnecessarily stressed. You are king of your own life and hence live it as per your own rules and enjoy it.

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